Common Reasons That Affects The Indoor Quality Of Air

indoor air pollution

There is a common misconception that the outdoor air is the most polluted by the smoke from vehicles and factories. This is not so; the indoor air seems to be more polluted than outdoor air. Thus it is true that sitting in your office space appears to be more dangerous and it is prone to air pollution. People spend most of their time indoors, and this increases the chances of respiratory-related illness. Full Article on indoor air quality can help you to know about the significance of indoor air quality. The link talks about the problems faced by China due to air pollution.

The outdoor air is polluted due to various reasons. Similarly, there are various reasons for the poor quality of indoor air. This causes skin allergy, irritation of eyes, dizziness, fatigue and other chronic diseases like cardiovascular problems and respiratory illness. Some of the products that you use daily may serve as a source of pollutant in affecting the quality of air both indoor and outdoor. The article below lists the standard contaminants that affect the indoor quality of air.

Chemical Cleaners
People make use of chemical cleaners to clean the industries, office space and houses. The cleaners contain harmful ingredients which are a primary source of air pollutant. The use of air fresheners, floor cleaners, disinfectants, etc. contain dangerous chemicals like ammonia, bleach, volatile organic compounds, etc. All these are carcinogenic and affect the skin, eyes and respiratory system. These substances are primarily responsible for affecting the indoor air quality. Thus it is better to rely on natural cleaners which do not emit harmful chemicals.

Bacteria And Viruses
These are the primary living organisms which spread through the air and affect the indoor air quality. These are micro-organisms which spread easily through coughing, sneezing, talking, etc.
The survival rate of these organisms increases in humid air and places where the ventilation is poor. This makes the residents of the house prone to respiratory illness. Microbial agents are responsible for various allergies and asthma. Thus to get rid of the harmful bacteria and viruses, it is necessary to keep the indoor clean and improve the air circulation. See that you provide perfect ventilation to your house.

Construction Products
There are several construction products which contain harmful chemical substances. Materials used for making furniture consist of toxic substances which affects the indoor air quality. The paint materials used inside the house consists of harmful chemicals like lead, benzene, etc. which affects the indoor air quality of your house. Look for alternative building materials that do not contain any harmful chemicals. People prefer the use of natural materials for their building to improve the indoor air quality.

Pets And Pests
Pets are the main reasons for allergens that develop inside your house. Pests like dust mites, cockroaches, etc. are primary sources of pollutants that pollute the indoor air. These aeroallergens cause various respiratory-related illnesses like asthma, wheezing, etc.
Thus it is evident that the indoor air quality is important compared to the outdoor air. It is necessary to keep the indoor air clean to prevent from harmful diseases. The article helps people to know the common reasons for indoor air pollution and its harmful effects.