A Peep Into The History Of Vintage Christmas Ornaments

Vintage Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is a time for celebration. It’s that time of the year when we get to meet and greet family and friends who are otherwise pretty busy with their day to day things. It is the only festival that is celebrated by people living all throughout the world. Vintage Christmas Ornaments have always played a critical role in Christmas celebrations that have been held over the last three centuries.

The first Christmas tree that was decorated was way back in 1510. History states that at this time people used to decorate the trees with edible ornaments like nuts, cookies, apples, popcorn, etc. In the seventeenth century, the Germans had introduced the use of colour paper and painted nutshells as Vintage Christmas Ornaments. Silver tinsel was also being used as an ornament to decorate the tree.
From then, every year there are new additions to the way in which we can decorate Christmas trees. Glass ornaments did not make it into the list of vintage ornaments until the beginning of the 19th century and the production was mainly done in Germany. The Americans started manufacturing their own ornaments only in the mid of the nineteenth century. The Christmas pickle ornament has a very interesting story behind it. It was created by a civil war hero who was very weak and dehydrated and gained strength after eating a pickle.

Today, Vintage Christmas Ornaments are available in different shapes and materials that at times, we don’t know what to buy. Ornaments made out of ceramic, glass, plastic, wool and many more are available in the market. Even vintage Polish and Russian Christmas ornaments are available. Ornaments shaped like Santa, princess and even different animals are available for you to choose from. All colourful and lovely, these ornaments will surely make your Christmas tree dazzle with glory.