Custom Homes and Remaking
When constructing a custom home, you desire to take advantage of the more modern choices for comfort and efficiency. Insulated Concrete Forms some of the most innovative new houses, and I.C.F is fast becoming one of the major popular building materials. Chances are, you have already observed a few I.C.F homes without even noticing it. I.C.F has numerous benefits over traditional wood homes

Shocking Value and Efficiency
Perhaps the best fact about I.C.F custom homes is the quantity of money that you will save on heating and cooling. Because, I.C.F is one of the top well insulated building materials in the market. Homes with I.C.F frames will keep internal temperatures up to ten times longer than wood frame houses. With a house that does not always drain warm and cool air, you will spend much less on your utilities than before. There are numerous other features that come together with our homes to scale the efficiency even further.
Proper Fire Resistance
I.C.F homes built by Excel Builders are very fire resistant. Naturally, concrete isn’t flammable . Many studies have been conducted on the conduct of I.C.F in a fire. Those studies pointed out that I.C.F frames took four times longer to display any structural defect than wooden frames in case of a fire. Research has also displayed that I.C.F Foam does not emit any harmful toxins when lighted, except for those already present in standard house fires.
Low cost Superiority
For all the benefits of I.C.F, you may think that it costs more than an average wood frame house. However, an I.C.F home costs approximately the same. The concrete itself may be more costly than wood, however a concrete home means you do not need to worry about costly but necessary accessories such as home wraps, sheathing, insulation and other expenses.

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