Factors to Consider When Buying Drones in 2015

Drones can be referred as unmanned aerial vehicles mostly used for photography from the air. They are quadcoptors which name they derive from that fact that they have four rotors, the actual name is a multirotor, they can fly for periods ranging from five minutes to about thirty minutes. The year 2015 has been referred to as The Year of the Drone. This is because there has been a lot of advancement in the technology associated with drones reducing their cost multiplying usage. The factors to consider when buying a drone may be listed as:

Intended use

It is very important to go for a drone when you are certain of what you want it to accomplish for you. A small drone may be fun flying but it may not carry a size-able or a high resolution camera for aerial videos.


When purchasing a drone, go for a pocket friendly multirotor, as an amateur who has not mastered the art of flying a drone, the chances of hitting walls or trees completely destroying the drone is high, you would thus be encouraged to buy a cheap one till you gain experience.

Flying time

A drone is limited in the amount of time it can fly, you will thus find it very necessary to define the time you need it to be in the air. It is good to note here that the longer flying time it has, the more costly it will be.
Camera Quality

Considering that you want to take aerial photos or videos, it is key that you buy a drone that has a high quality camera as you may not have the luxury of redoing the videos time and again.

Available Support

It is important to buy a drone that has ready support in case of a breakdown. This can be from the manufacturer’s or from users via youtube or online.

drones for sale are highly advanced in technology and will range from as little as five dollars to a thousand based on the size and advancement.

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